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Flat Drive Belting

We are the UK stockist and distributor of Shingle Belting, USA and offer the full range of their transmission belting products with the popular styles available from Driffield stock with in house joining available within 24 hours.

Although our majority stock-holding is that of Shingle there are some instances where we would purchase from other major manufacturers and we can offer from Habasit, Chiorino, Forbo Siegling etc. if required, or alternatively, if we think their product is best suited to your application.

Rubber Covered Belts

SG rubber Nycor: Flat power transmission belting for drive, transmission and conveyor systems in every industry. Shingle's NYCOR SG rubber covers offer excellent abrasion resistance, heat and static dissipative properties, and oil and grease resistance. Shingle Green SG rubber is specially compounded to offer excellent wear as well as high grab. Our Grey SG rubber has even greater abrasion resistance. The coefficient of friction of both Grey and Green SG rubber guarantees maximum traction without excessive shaft pressure.

Flat Rubber Belts
Rubber Covered Belts

There are a wide range of top and bottom cover combinations in a variety of materials and thicknesses including textile, anti-static fabric and rubber. Belts are available ends prepared, endless, open length and with a variety of other fabrication options.

Please refer to the chart below to determine your requirement or contact Spel-Gate industrial for assistance. We can cross refer all manufacturers part numbers and generally offer direct equivalents, for example belt ref SG21A is our equivalent to the Habasit F1 belt.

Rubber Covered Belts - PDF

Leather Covered Belts

Leather Nycor belting: For all high speed, high horsepower, flat transmission applications in most industries where the need for leather covers is critical. Available with leather on both sides (2L) or one side (L). Chrome leather surfaces are used on applications exposed to oil, grease or other liquids. Also ideal where some slippage may be needed (e.g. D.O.L. starting) but not available from our SG rubber cover range.

Leather Covered Belts
Leather Covered Belt Detail

Please refer to the chart below to determine your requirement or contact Spel-Gate industrial for assistance. We can cross refer all manufacturers part numbers and generally offer direct equivalents.

Leather Covered Belts - PDF

Synthetic Leather Nylon Core belting: For light-duty power transmission and general conveying.

Synthetic Leather Covered Belts
Synthetic Leather Covered Belt Detail

Shingle's NYCOR Synthetic leather covers offer economy in 8 varieties and are ideal in applications where thickness variation is critical. Synthetic leather offers a cover with no factory laps, unlike leather drive belts, while exhibiting the same wear and durability as leather. NYCOR 'K' leather belting is available with synthetic leather covers on one (K) or both sides (2K).

Synthetic Leather Covered Belts - PDF

Folder / Gluer Belting

Shingle Belting’s SG155, SG355, SG388 and SG399 have been proven winners in the folder-gluer market for many years. These products are manufactured in the USA and available from stock at our Driffield, East Yorkshire warehouse for quick deliveries.

Folder / Gluer Belting

These Shingle Nycor products have been designed around the needs of paper converters worldwide and offer the following advantages:

  • Shingle Belting’s highly abrasion resistant rubber covers are the best in the business and will extend your belt’s life with decreased cover wear
  • Many of our competitor’s series of folder-gluer belts incorporate lighter duty nylon cores whereas Shingle’s SG series uses 20 and 30 band nylon cores only. This translates to less belt stretch and better tracking due to greater lateral stability.
  • At Shingle Belting we manufacture our nylon core cements in-house. Our special formulas maximise belt adhesion and splice integrity.

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