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Modular Belting

Flat conveyor belts in PU and PVC have long been overtaken for their use in certain manufacturing environments by plastic modular belting because it’s durable, is easy to remove and clean and it’s repair-ability with little downtime.

Modular Belting

There are many manufacturers, all the global PVC conveyor belt manufacturers have a modular belt arm, but unfortunately although many products look interchangeable they will generally not run on a competitors sprocket. A good percentage of the product is manufactured by different companies in the same area of Scandanavia (coincidentally around the Lego factory).

Spel-Gate can offer this product either by identifying your current belt and supplying an exact replacement or spare material for repair or as an alternative we have a UK supply partner who assembles material in the UK with a quick turnaround and competitive pricing.

For a retro fit belt we are, in the majority of instances, able to offer a new belt with 'free' sprockets. We feel this gives you the best of service, pricing and a peace of mind that all of your conveyor belt is now new and free of resultant worries.

Modular belts are available with flights, sidewalls, and runners. With pitches now available to give the smallest of transfer diameters and a vast array of colour and material combinations we can offer a Modular Belt for most applications.

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