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Slit Tapes

PTFE Slit Tapes

PTFE Slit Tapes are the basic PTFE (Teflon) coated glass fabric used in our belting material but supplied on a roll (generally of 30 mtr) slit to widths as required for each application.

Slit Tapes
Various Slit Tapes

The base material is generally a PTFE covered glass fabric of thicknesses 0.08, 0.13, 0.15 or 0.25mm and sold as either plain or with a self adhesive backing. The adhesive used is a pressure sensitive Silicone based adhesive as standard, however a high tak acrylic adhesive is available to order (this will give better adhesion but at the loss of some heat capabilities). Rolls can be slit from 0.10 to 1000mm with a same day despatch available on 95% of orders.

These tapes are an ever present in most factories due to the excellent usages available from the PTFE coating, both for heat sensitivity and non-stick properties. Used on VFFS machines, all plastic sealing applications, chute linings, product transfer plates, mould release and heat transfer plates, uPVC window manufacture plus many other applications.

If you have an application where we can assist with application design and samples please get in touch.

Zone Tapes

Zone Tapes

So called because of the 'zoned' areas of adhesive and non-adhesive areas.

Zone Tape is specifically designed to withstand extreme temperatures. The centre zone can be made of any of our base PTFE fabric tapes, from 0.08 to 0.35mm in various widths to suit your application and in 30mtr standard roll lengths.

These tapes offer 2 major advantages over standard adhesive slit tape:

  • The Zone Tapes are used to mask areas that require PTFE-coated glass fabric but should not come into contact with adhesive agents - heating elements, and sponge or foam surfaces for example
  • When the full heat resistance of 260°C is required from the fabric the silicone adhesive will not hold up and therefore the 'Zone' area is the solution

We can offer on a short delivery time tape manufactured to order to suit your exact requirements with the reference being made as follows: +10/-20/+10, which advices us that it is a 40mm wide tape with 20mm adhesive free.

Some material is available from stock due to customers regular requirements, please enquire.

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