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PolyRound, PU Round Drive Belting

PolyRound Belting

PolyRound Belting is our own brand of PU Drive Belting / 'O' Ring bands. It is our equivalent to Polycord, Greenthane, Redthane, Quick-Go, Eagle and Volta Belting

Various PolyRound Belts
PolyRound Belts

We stock a standard range of PU drive band material as per the list below for same day despatch at prices that you will find very competitive, we offer quantity sensitive pricing on this product range and discounts are available for roll stock and to re-sellers.

Supplied as rolls, cut lengths of any size or as endless belts and available with quick deliveries.

Green rough, (our equivalent to Polycord, Greenthane) - 85A shore, recommended 5-8% tension.

Orange & clear/transparent smooth, (our equivalent to Eagle Orange) - 90A shore, recommended 3-6% tension.

Red tubular, (our equivalent to Redthane and Quick-go) - 90A shore, recommended 3-6% tension (connectors also available).

Stock List

SOLID Material - Belt Diameter in mm
Green Rough 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 12 15
Blue Rough 4 5 6 8 10
Green Smooth 5 12
Opaque Smooth 3 4 5 6 8 10
Blue Smooth 3 4 6 8
Orange Smooth 2 3 4 5 6 8 10 12
Red Smooth 5
METAL Detectable - Belt Diameter in mm
Blue Smooth 3 4 5
TUBULAR Material - Belt Diameter in mm
Red Smooth 5 6 8 10 12
Blue Smooth 12
Green Smooth 5

View Stock List - PDF

For minimum pulley information we would suggest as a fairly accurate measurement that you calculate it at 10 times the belt size. For more accurate detail please give us a call as there are fluctuations depending on material shore hardness.

All the items in this stock list will always be available for immediate despatch and we are constantly increasing our stocking levels, if the item you require is not highlighted please give us a call, we may now carry that item or be willing to carry it for you. Even non-stock items can be purchased and supplied within a couple of days due to our links with Beha Belt as detailed below.


We have forged an excellent working relationship with Beha Belt in Germany and are very proud to offer their products within the UK.

From the link below you will be able to inspect their excellent range of extrusion products and tooling, a good proportion of which we are now stocking.

We are also very pleased to be able to offer their patented Jewel Friction welder with a machine available from Driffield for your trialling before purchase if necessary.

Please take a look through the BEHA BELT Website to see the world leading product range that is offered.

PolyRound Joining Tools

PolyRound Iron and splade in stock for same day despatch. We are pleased to advise that this item has been developed and produced alongside the respected British manufacturer Antex, and available in both 240v and 110v versions.

This iron will join belts from all manufacturers.

PolyRound Kit

PolyRound Kit
Joining Kit

A full Joining Kit is available with a clamp that suits all styles of belting.

The kit consists of an Iron (240 or 110v), Belt cutters, belt trimmers, joining clamp plus a Draper tool box.

QR Clamp

QR Clamp

A new 'Quick release' clamp has just been developed by Spel-Gate industrial which will suit round belts from 5 to 10mm and is probably the quickest and most efficient on the market, this can be purchased separately or as part of the kit.

Endless Belts

Endless Belts

Endless Belts now made to order with a fast turnaround and exceptional pricing in any of the materials mentioned above.


Solid & Split Spools

Spools for line shaft machines available in solid format or split, including speed-up spools.

If you need any items in this range either from our site or if you see something similar on a competitors site please allow us the opportunity to look at and offer, we have exceptional contacts around the world for products in this range and always aim to offer you a great product, with great service at a great price.

SGi Tips


1.The ideal time to take away the iron is when the belting has melted back on itself.

2.When melting the material against the iron and when pushing the ends together, don't put too much pressure on as you will force the molten material away and have a weak joint.

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