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Wicketer Belts

Wicketer Bag Machine Belts are a speciality of Superior Bands Inc. of America and we are proud and privileged to be a distributor in the UK for their products.

Wicketer Machine
Wicketer Belts Machine

Superior Bands Inc. say:

When Dow Chemical developed plastic, they looked to FMC to develop a machine to make something with the new material....FMC reached out to us to develop the belts to run the machines. With the recent acquisition of Lambeth Band Corporation has positioned us as the global leader in wicketer belts.

Still today, our "round rope elastic belts" are the industry standard for the largest plastic bag machine manufacturers in the world. Many of the original bag making companies have changed names and ownership, Superior Bands Inc. are still however making the same quality elastic belts that set the standard and are in use in the majority of production floors today.

If you have a wicketer bag machine you will know these belts, we can supply you within 7 days at a price to compete very favourably with the machine manufacturer's agents and distributors.

Various Wicketer Belts
Wicketer Belts

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