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Twisted 'O' Rings

Twisted 'O' rings/Belting have many different names including quick Connect Twisted belts, connectable belts, quick-fix belts, zero downtime bands, and easy hook round belts. Twisted belting is designed to replace urethane endless round belts that become damaged or worn out. These connectable belts are easily and quickly installed in the field without dismantling drive shafts. The tips of quick fix belts are loops that you connect together with small stainless steel or plastic hooks that come with the belts.

BEHA belt Twisted 'O' Rings
Twisted 'O' Rings
  • Eliminate costly downtime
  • No need to drop shafts
  • Lengths from 2" to 300 ft. (50mm to 100 meters)
  • Measure them from tip to tip, excluding hook
  • Cross sections: 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 9.5mm, 11mm, 12mm, 14mm, 3/32", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 9/16". (These are the effective diameters that two strands of twisted cord produce. For example, this means our Twisted 5mm belt replaces a 5mm round o-ring belt)
  • Available in many colours
  • Durometers 80A to 95A
  • Available in Anti-Static (static dissipative)

Critical: Because they are coiled like springs, twisted belts stretch more than round belts. Most round belts are stretched approximately 10%, while twisted belts are typically stretched 17%, so twisted belts should be about 7% shorter than the o-ring belts they replace.

Twisted Belts on line shaft conveyor

When ordering we will always supply easy-to-install stainless steel clips unless you ask for our long lasting plastic hooks.

NEW Abuse Resistant Rough Green Twisted Belts are harder and have a lower coefficient of friction that lets them slip easier when boxes jam, so there is less heat build up. This means they can take more abuse. Made from 88A cord, their higher tension helps offset their tendency to slip, so they provide almost as much drive as 83A belts. Works exceptionally well on high speed lineshaft curves where belts rub hard and fast against roller grooves. Stretch them 14%. Use only with plastic hooks.

How to measure Twisted Belts

How to measure Twisted Belts


Two strands of twisted cord contain about 89% as much urethane as one strand of the round belt that they replace, so they will only last 89% as long, at best. They usually fail when the the hook pulls through the loop. Consequently, twisted belts typically last about 60% to 70% as long as endless round belts.

We can also offer an alternative version of the Polyurethane Twisted O-Ring in an elastic/yarn construction. As a UK distributor for Superior Bands Inc. of America we can supply these belts, some from stock, as per the details below.

Superior Bands Inc., market these belts as follows:

After a couple of years and extensive testing we realized that our more natural rope elastic Twisted O-Rings work so much more efficiently and are also more durable than a Polyurethane belt or a Urethane belt, twisted o-ring, polyurethane belt, or urethane belt alternative. Superior Bands immediately stopped production of Polyurethane belts, Urethane belts, and Polyurethane/ Urethane Twisted O-Rings and focused only on Elastic Rope Twisted O-Rings.

Some of the largest chemical companies, pharmaceutical companies, warehouse distribution centers and paint companies use our Rope Elastic Twisted O-Rings.

Step up today and see the Superior difference. Here are some of the reasons to try our rope Elastic Twisted O-Rings on your line shaft conveyors or roller-to-roller conveyors instead of a Polyurethane belt or Urethane belt:

  • Twisted O-Rings DO NOT POP when you lose power and your facility dips below freezing
  • Superior Bands Twisted O-Rings will stretch and go back to their original form unlike Plastic O-rings which, when stretched, stick to the new length
  • No toxic chemicals like round O-Rings. Our quick connect hook saves time, which equals money, and reduces hazardous risks from trying to use special tools to connect regular o-rings and the noxious gases given off from trying to weld them together
  • Less tension with same results....Superior Bands Twisted O-Rings pull less tension on your rollers increasing the life of your roller-to- roller and line shaft roller conveyors while still getting the job done
  • Elastic Core
  • Faster FPM (feet per minute) times(more product out the door faster)
  • Consistent tension on rollers
  • More Pulling Power
  • Two-Ply Yarn Construction
  • Won't freeze and pop during lost power in winter freezes
  • More environmentally friendly than polyurethane
Various Coloured Twisted O Rings

UPGRADE TODAY and see the Superior Bands difference. Available in any diameter and length. Call your distributor to experience a better Quick Connect Belt. Superior Bands Twisted O-rings are a better alternative to Polyurethane belts and Urethane belts.

Superior Bands replace Polyurethane / Urethane belts and O-Rings. Breaking apart line shaft conveyors, 90 degree transfers, and pop up diverters are a thing of the past! Welding together Polycord is a waste of labour costs and more importantly down time in your facility.

Spel-Gate Industrial offers a full package of options with quality suppliers of these Twisted belts from European and USA manufacturers, some fast moving products from stock and others available within 7 days. Please contact us for samples or technical details on any of these or other items we offer.

For the best in twisted belts, false twist drive bands, connectable belts, twisted O-rings, zero downtime belts and easy hook round belts contact Spel-Gate Industrial.

SGi Tip

Twisted belts are adjustable

You can shorten/lengthen Twisted Belts by twisting an end before hooking the belt together. One complete revolution amends the belt by about 2.5mm. Therefore, if you twist to tighten 4 times before hooking the ends, the belt will be 10mm shorter and provide greater tension.

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